Fabricators and Engineers: Ogis Bridging the Gap

Our long years of expertise in the field of custom metal fabrication allowed us not only to realise and acknowledge the communication problems between fabrications, designers & engineers; but we developed strong processes throughout our years of operation to bridge the communication gap, with an in-house team of experienced engineers & metal fabricators in Sydney….More

Ogis Expands Its Offering with Zincanneal® & Galvabond® Steel

For many decades, Ogis has been a leader in the field of metal fabrication and manufacturing in Australia, being the preferred custom fabricators to select industries: defence, mining, infrastructure, transport, architectural and others. We do not only supply the metal, but we proudly partner with our clients to deliver a complete solution, bringing any design…More

Ogis Provides Metal Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

With enhanced flexibility and reliability, Ogis has been the local manufacturer of choice for various metal fabrication solutions for government, council and key infrastructure projects. We understand each project’s requirements and our clients are assured that we will provide a smooth & reliable service, with peace of mind assured and ease of communication. Metal Fabrication…More

Introducing our new rolling capabilities.

As part of our commitment to investing in new equipment, we would like to introduce our new CNC rolling machine. This new piece of equipment gives us an enormous amount of flexibility that we have not seen before. We now have the opportunity to pre-program the rolling sequence. This gives us more accuracy than before…More