Ogis Provides Metal Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

With enhanced flexibility and reliability, Ogis has been the local manufacturer of choice for various metal fabrication solutions for government, council and key infrastructure projects. We understand each project’s requirements and our clients are assured that we will provide a smooth & reliable service, with peace of mind assured and ease of communication.

Metal Fabrication Solutions for Infrastructure

We provide quality custom products that are manufactured and delivered to specific requirements. The beauty of dealing with Ogis is that our customers are provided with the opportunity of being part of the manufacturing process, where they are welcome to inspect the products during production.

The advanced techniques and technology adopted in our metal fabrication processes & advanced machinery allows us to deliver custom-made single items as well as large-scale production runs.

We work with Australian entities to provide all types of projects to bring any design to life. Being in the business for over 50 years, we understand the statutory requirements of various sectors, including roads, energy, government & council, water & sewage, waste management, electrical, telecommunications as well as many others.

We have delivered many projects over the past years, including manufacturing custom dinghy racks for parks as requested by the local council, due to the high demand for dinghy and watercraft storage rack in certain areas. We have also manufactured metal bollards at the Opera House for safety and security reasons, which were delivered according to the specific requirements and the requested designs. Our specialists have also manufactured the water feature poles at Sydney Olympic Park.

We supplied stainless steel components for the new Barangaroo ferry hub.

Bespoke play equipment for the new Green Square precinct.

These projects are only samples from a larger portfolio, where every project has been manufactured precisely to the exact specifications and delivered on time. Our strong reputation for quality, precision and 50 years of experience is our promise for customers looking for infrastructure solutions Australia-wide. We also work with all other industries to provide them with the metal fabrication solutions they require, as our philosophy is to be the preferred suppliers to all industries.