Metal Fabrication Trends 2021

After an incredibly unique and unpredictable year, we have seen many changes in how people do business such as working from home, quarantining, and finding different ways to communicate with team members and customers. Metal fabricators in Australia have seen the industry holding strong during the pandemic with a lot to look forward to in…More

How Is Galvanised Steel Made?

What Is Galvanised Steel? Galvanisation is the process of applying a zinc coating to steel or iron which acts as a barrier to protect it from particle corrosion, rust, general surface scratches and abrasions. Galvanised steel is used in a range of residential and commercial applications and industries including Structural Steel, Balustrading, household decorations and…More

Can You Weld Stainless Steel?

What Is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is an alloy consisting of iron and chromium that is sometimes combined with other metals such as nickel. It can be used for several different applications thanks to its unique fire, corrosion resistance, recyclability, durability and mechanical properties. This is why it is commonly found in everyday items and…More

What Does A Metal Fabricator Do?

What Is Metal Fabrication? Metal fabrication is a process involving the manufacturing of metal parts and products in a specific shape or form as required. It is a complex process that includes cutting, folding and shaping metal to create a finished part, then followed by welding and coating. The fabrication process can be used for…More