Fabricators and Engineers: Ogis Bridging the Gap

Our long years of expertise in the field of custom metal fabrication allowed us not only to realise and acknowledge the communication problems between fabrications, designers & engineers; but we developed strong processes throughout our years of operation to bridge the communication gap, with an in-house team of experienced engineers & metal fabricators in Sydney.

We understand that clients might get frustrated with an outcome and get confused between fabricators and engineers because they sometimes don’t realise the entire process, not sure what is needed to make a project become a reality, from drawing to delivery.
We work with a solid internal process that allows fabricators to educate engineers about their requirements to provide the perfect job. Our metal fabricators also learnt to listen to engineers and are open to learning if it’s for the better.

With Ogis Engineering, we ensure there is no disconnect or broken chain link. Our process runs smoothly between the designers, engineers & fabricators to guarantee our quality. All staff at various levels understand what must take place to create a successful metal part in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our engineers are exposed to the latest in new material developments and advanced design tools which ensure the latest technology is implemented in every project.

So, when it comes down to the fabricator-engineer relationship, it’s all about communication, which at Ogis Engineering, we are mastering it. If you would like to discuss a custom metal fabrication project with one of our staff, contact Ogis Engineering today.