Ogis invests in the latest tube bending technology and now that it has arrived we wonder how we did without it.

Ogis is pleased to announce the delivery of  it’s latest mandrel tube bending and rolling machine.

What does this machine do?

  • This bender is full CNC and can bend up to 65 diameter tube.
  • It is also a multiple tool stack machine with the ability to roll tube as well.
  • As it has a multiple tool head we can bend different radii on the same tube without re-handling the tube.

Why buy a new machine?

  • Increased capacity.
  • Backup should another machine fail. All existing tooling will fit on our new machine.
  • New technology, bending and rolling in one process as well as multiple stack tooling for different radii.
  • The ability to deliver items faster.
  • Even more precision on bent items.