Ogis Expands Its Offering with Zincanneal® & Galvabond® Steel

For many decades, Ogis has been a leader in the field of metal fabrication and manufacturing in Australia, being the preferred custom fabricators to select industries: defence, mining, infrastructure, transport, architectural and others. We do not only supply the metal, but we proudly partner with our clients to deliver a complete solution, bringing any design to life and managing the entire project from start to finish, delivering quality projects of all shapes and sizes, from custom-made single items to large-scale production runs.

Our complete set of specialist tooling and machinery along with more than 50 years of expertise allows us to deliver an extensive range of solutions to our clients’ precise requirements. Our experts are on hand to assist with your project design, materials and finish selection.

We have access to a wide variety of materials to allow us to choose the right material that suits and supports the required application of the project.
Among the materials we use in our manufacturing process are Zincanneal® & Galvabond® steel. These steel products are designed for both commercial forming and deep drawing applications, with the former having a matte galvanised surface which enhances post painted appearance, and the latter providing an optional improved surface quality.

Zincanneal® Steel

Ogis uses a range of Zincanneal® steel products that all adhere to the Australian standards, providing excellent bending properties, as well as great roll forming, welding and painting properties to meet the highest performance requirements for the fabrication of any project, with a spangle-free surface to allow post painting.
Zincanneal® products have a matte grey zinc/iron alloy-coating. The product range consists of different thicknesses from 0.5mm to 2mm and is typically used for fabricated tubular products, electrical cabinets, non-exposure automotive panels, washing machines, acoustic ceiling tiles, door frames, switchboards and some of the range specifically designed for deep drawing applications.

Galvabond® steel

Galvabond® steel products also have strict adherence to Australian Standards, they are produced in a continuous hot dip galvanised process. This ensures unique features including guaranteed minimum elongation properties and spangle surface.
A range of different coating masses and pack sizes are available to suit different manufacturing applications, including tube formed products, air conditioning ducts and panels, metre boxes, trailers, cable trays, scaffolding, planks, rendering mesh, feeder troughs, automotive components, drawn appliance panels and components.

Zincanneal® and Galvabond® steel products are not the only materials used by Ogis Engineering, we used a wide range of materials and finishes to bring your project’s design to life. Our reputation in the industry is our promise to our clients. Talk to our specialists today about your next project.