What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of shaping objects in line with predefined specifications. The metal is shaped by bending, stamping, folding, cutting and welding. Once the metal has been shaped, fabricators convert the sheet metal into products. The sheet metal needs to be flexible so that it can take on different shapes.     Sheet…More

How To Weld Galvanised Steel Safely?

Metals can corrode over time due to oxygen, which can make metal items and structures dangerous or unstable. To prevent this, steel needs to be galvanised by adding a protective layer of zinc over the metal such as steel. This process prevents corrosion and is considerably cheaper than alternatives such as stainless steel. Welding galvanised…More

Which Finish Is Best For My Metal Fabrication Project?

Deciding on which finish to use when designing your project can be critical to the project’s success. As the final step in preparing metal products, you do not want to have to start all over again if the part cannot be used correctly. Will it be able to stand being used in its environment? Will…More

Design Mistakes To Avoid When Manufacturing

If you are working with metal engineers to design products that go into manufacturing, this requires collaboration between all parties to ensure the designs will meet the manufacturing requirements. This will mean a lot of time, effort and money are saved in the long run, as minimal to no changes should then be made once…More