Everything You Need to Know About Metal Bending

Bending is a critical step in the metal fabrication industry, which should consider the physical characteristics of the material being bent to achieve the best outcome for the project.   So, what is bending? Simply put, it is the process of altering the shape of metallic workpieces, including sheet metal and tubes by applying force…More

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Sheet Metal Bending & Custom Metal Work

As a leading metal fabricator based in Sydney, we have put together the four things you should not do with your metal bending project. These outdated practices can negatively impact your project – make sure that your metal bending contractor is not making these mistakes.   1. Non-Skilled Workers When you work with a metal…More

Ogis’ COVID-19 Update

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Here at Ogis, we are taking COVID-19 seriously and taking measures to protect our staff and community by following government-issued guidelines. Precautions implemented Hand sanitiser, masks and gloves are provided to staff Work from home arrangement available to certain staff Any staff member that is unwell are advised to remain at home Visitors are requested…More

CNC Machining and 3D Printing, now in-house.

Ogis has expanded the fleet of CNC Machinery to include a large CNC milling centre and large-format FDM 3D Printing capabilities. These machines were acquired to help assist the growing demand for rapid prototyping of metal products in-house. CNC Machining Our large format CNC Machining centre has automatic tool changing and a large range of…More

Enhancing Sydney’s Aesthetics with Public Art and Sculpture

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Councils across Australia are becoming more committed to the cultural vibrancy of our cities, with many requiring public artwork & sculptures as part of a public art plan across the country. This includes the CityArt program in Sydney, Art in the Park in Melbourne and the City of Perth Public Art Collection. The incorporation of…More