4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Sheet Metal Bending & Custom Metal Work

As a leading metal fabricator based in Sydney, we have put together the four things you should not do with your metal bending project. These outdated practices can negatively impact your project – make sure that your metal bending contractor is not making these mistakes.


1. Non-Skilled Workers

When you work with a metal fabricator, you need to ensure the company hires skilful and reliable personnel who are well experienced and can help you reach your goal with your custom metal project. You don’t want to find the cheapest metal fabricator available, like everything else in life; you get what you pay for, and for precision sheet metal work, you will need to pay for skilled people.

2. The Complementary Team

Good teamwork is essential for the success of any project, but there is a requirement for people with a range of skills to complement each other’s work. You do not want a team that includes exclusively metal engineers or designers; you will also need welders, benders, operators, and other people to work on a project from start to finish and bring any custom metal project to life. Diverse teams can also introduce a host of fresh perspectives.

3. Technology is Important, BUT

Technology in the metal fabricator and bending improves constantly. But even with the latest equipment, CNC machinery and advanced technology, this does not mean there is less need for skilled people, and thinking this way is a huge mistake. Technology is only a tool, but not a replacement or an excuse to have less skilled people. Skilled people are the ones who can identify what changes are required to adjust a machine or software.

4. Consult First, Not After the Design

Before your design team starts working on a project, they need to consult metal bending experts. Many metal fabrication companies have engineers, designers, and even operators who still do not understand the basic concepts of the metal bending processes such as air forming, bottom bending, and coining. That is why the different teams need to work together, a strong collaboration between designers, engineers, and programmers along with the operators to contribute to the success of the project.


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