Enhancing Sydney’s Aesthetics with Public Art and Sculpture

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Councils across Australia are becoming more committed to the cultural vibrancy of our cities, with many requiring public artwork & sculptures as part of a public art plan across the country. This includes the CityArt program in Sydney, Art in the Park in Melbourne and the City of Perth Public Art Collection. The incorporation of works of art in new developments are encouraged by councils across the country. Site specific works and custom made sculpture are especially encouraged and are more likely to be approved by councils. Developers are now seeking public artwork fabricators to engage trusted professionals in the field of public art fabrication to help make choose site appropriate and manufacturable public works. Site-specific sculptures help engage, excite and inspire our locals and visitors alike. 

Ogis has been commissioned to fabricate and develop new designs and ranges of public artworks, including public sculptures & sculptural steel work to promote our local indigenous culture, heritage and environment as well as the modern look and the multicultural aspect of Australia, linking to our community’s identity, while expressing our culture and heritage.

Our designers can provide a range of artwork in the public domain, this includes objects and statuary in a variety of media; projections and lighting treatments; paving, landscaping and plantings works within the urban fabric. Sculpture in public places has been fundamental in informing the visual consciousness of a society for long. Street art and sculpture creates a physical presence for the culture and heart of modern cities. 

Recently, Ogis designed and fabricated an 8 metre tall stainless steel tree for a local Sydney school. The design used interwoven stainless steel flatbar and square tube that will form part of a trellis structure in the coming years. Designed for longevity and cultural relevancy, the Tree of Life enhances the school space by being a living sculpture and central meeting point.

Public sculptures and artwork in the United States saw a revival under the Federal Art Program in the 1930s, designed by the government to help the country emerge from the Depression and to promote a connection between art and the public. In the UK, public art was similarly encouraged by the post-War Labour government in the 1950s, who chose sculpture as a tool for promoting socialist values across the country.

This strong tradition continues today, seeing a revival under the new councils’ policy which is encouraging to see a wealth of fantastic modern & contemporary sculpture on public view around the country. Sculpture in Australia is a growing phenomenon and is the best way to add life to the city streets. 

Stainless Steel Sculpture 304 SS

Our public art for public spaces is designed and fabricated by visual artists, designers and artisans, including collaborations with engineers & steel specialists. We collaborate with developers, art consultants, artists, architects, landscape architects, industrial designers and project managers to ensure we are the most qualified art fabricators in Australia, as we are proud to be part of helping to make Australia an even more interesting, distinctive and culturally diverse country through public art.

We ensure that high-quality public art is provided to our customers, when you deal with Ogis to commission public art, we promise the following;

  • Standards of excellence and innovation
  • The integrity of the work and relevance to the site (site-specific)
  • Appropriateness of the work to the client’s brief
  • Follows councils & environmental policies 
  • Ensuring public safety and interaction
  • Consideration of maintenance and durability requirements 

Depending on the work, whether you are looking for public sculpture or other artwork, we’ll work to deliver any project to your specifications and bring any design to life. Contact the team at Ogis today.