Metal Fabrication Trends 2021

After an incredibly unique and unpredictable year, we have seen many changes in how people do business such as working from home, quarantining, and finding different ways to communicate with team members and customers. Metal fabricators in Australia have seen the industry holding strong during the pandemic with a lot to look forward to in 2021, not only because of the vaccine rollout and the confidence that we have in the government but also because of the exciting industry trends to look out for.

This year could be challenging for many organisations since they need to be more proactive in managing uncertainty and catering to a changed world post-Covid-19. As a leading metal fabrication company in Australia, we have put together predictions on the upcoming trends to watch out for this year.



Some companies within the industry are sceptical of automation as it could mean fewer job opportunities, especially with the unemployment issues due to Covid-19. We have seen metal fabricators, welding companies, metal benders and others also worried about the cost involved in incorporating automation processes into the business without considering the advantages such as the higher output, increased productivity, more adequate use of materials, improved product quality, enhanced safety, less labour time.


3D Printing

3D printing is a popular trend that has been adopted by metal fabricators due to the various improvements which lead to improved customisation and efficiency. With this technology seeing a big boom, we will also be seeing an expansion of printable materials.



While cybersecurity should have been obvious all along, it is becoming more of a concern now especially in the metal fabrication industry. Any machine is prone to be hacked, including CNC machinery so it is important to be prepared against any potential cybersecurity threats, and we are seeing metal manufacturers and fabricators now investing more in cybersecurity technology.



Instead of offshoring services overseas, we are now seeing businesses reshoring – which is the transfer of a business operation that was moved overseas back to the country from which it was originally relocated. This is due to the increase in foreign wages, exchange rates and the rising costs of overseas freight transportation. This means we will be seeing a positive transition with more opportunities in the metal fabrication industry in the future.



A topic that has been discussed for decades but is now being increasingly adopted, especially for ‘collaborative robots’ which are also known as ‘cobots’. This is due to their ability in providing metal manufacturers and fabricators with safe, versatile, easy-to-use automation that supports human labourers. This means they work as ‘assistants’ to labourers instead of replacing them.

At Ogis Engineering, we are always looking to adopt the latest technology and innovation available to the metal fabrication industry. We are grateful for our long-standing and new customers who support us in being who we are today. We continue to be committed to creating solutions that are integral to your success and bring your project to life.