A message to Industrial Designers, Architects and Engineers.


We can save you time and money.

We promote that you contact Ogis at the early stages of design.
We often see wonderful designs that with little input from Ogis would have saved the designer many hours of redrafting.

Tooling: We have an extensive range of bending dies. The tooling list should be used if practicable, when designing products. New tooling is expensive and the use of an existing tooling will reduce initial costs.

Wastage: Material is purchased in many different lengths. Keeping in mind the overall length of the material when designing may help reduce off-cuts and therefore save production costs.

Finishes: Ogis has extensive knowledge of finishes on all types of metalwork. Find out more about finishes.

If we understand the required look and enviroment it is to be used in, then we can make the appropriate recommendations.

Keep Ogis in mind when you are at the design stage. Use our staff as a resource to help produce the perfect product.

Tube and Pipe Bending
Tube and Pipe Bending