Polished results

Quality surface finishes are critical to the success of your project. With plenty of finishing options and professional assistance to help you decide, we take pride in superior results and pre-treat surfaces to ensure optimal surface bonds.

All materials are carefully packaged for maximum protection during transport and we supply finished products assembled or in components, according to your needs.

Choose from our range of quality finishes:

Stainless Steel Finishes:

  • 2B Finish – a dull industrial finish where aesthetics in not required.
  • No 4 Finish – polishing with abrasive belts to give a low gloss and the best overall appearance. Also referred to as “satin” or “linished”.
  • No 8 Finish – polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffers to give a highly reflective finish. Also referred to as “mirror” finish.
  • Electropolish – provides a smoother, brighter and deformation-free surface with greater corrosion resistance.
  • Bead blasting – a dull finish which removes weld discolouration.

Other Finishes:

  • Powder Coating – a cost effective way to paint production items.
  • Wet Painting – Traditional way of painting, especially good for harsh environments.
  • Electroplating (chrome, nickel, bronze & zinc) – a decorative finish, some with good durable surfaces.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanising – Ideal for corrosion resistance where aesthetics is not essential.