Why Ogis?

Your project is guaranteed superior results

With expert staff and flexible local manufacturing, we are proudly Australian.

We boast a strong-as-steel reputation for absolute quality, precision and outstanding customer service.
Regular surveys of our customers provides feedback that Ogis has exceptional quality, on time delivery and outstanding customer service.

We bring any design to life. With a complete set of specialist tooling and machinery, we deliver an extensive range of solutions – from custom-made single items to large-scale production runs.

Our friendly and professional staff will assist you through the full manufacturing process. They will provide support in product design, material and finish selections as well as prototype manufacture.

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Fifty years of expertise means we know there are no shortcuts to quality. That’s why our tube/pipe bending and metal fabrication solutions are backed by ISO 9001:2015 DNV accreditation.


Your project is in safe hands. Ogis has been a preferred supplier of quality support manufacturing services since 1963.. We stay at the sharp end of technological innovation with regular training and up-skilling programs.


Superior results are assured with our ISO 9001:2015 DNV Accreditation and Supplier Continuous Improvement Program.

Proudly Australian

Nothing beats the flexibility and reliability of a local manufacturer. Peace of mind is assured with our superior responsiveness and easy communication. Our quality products can be manufactured and delivered quickly. Being local gives our customers the opportunity to inspect the products during the manufacturing process, without the cost of international flights and the loss of time due to travelling.