What To Ask Before Hiring A Welding Contractor

If you are working on a metal fabrication project, whether you are working on bending pipes, custom metalwork, stainless, or aluminium, welding is one of the most critical steps that can make your project successful. It requires a high-level skill set, a meticulous approach and creativity. You need a welding expert to work on your custom metalwork and bring your ideas to life by fabricating structures that are safe, functional, and durable.

At Ogis Engineering, we boast a strong-as-steel reputation for absolute quality, precision and outstanding customer service. Welding is one of the many services we provide at our metal fabrication facility in Sydney. When you deal with us, you need to be confident that you are working with a competent contractor. If you are looking for a welding contractor for your project, make sure you ask the following questions before partnering with any of them. These questions will help you get to know the contractor better and evaluate their level of expertise.


Are You Certified?

When you hire a welding contractor, you need the peace of mind that you are dealing with skilled welders who are up to date with welding codes, guidelines, and local authorities’ rules. We have seen many jobs completed by other welders brought down because they were not compliant, which would have hefty costs attached to them.

An approved and certified welding contractor understands the codes and standards applicable to your project and will also guide you on any needed permits and compliance before you start your project. This is why it is important to deal with a competent welding company with many years of expertise in the industry. At Ogis Engineering, we have over 50 years of experience that allows us to work on any project, ensures that we will do the right thing and follow the laws to protect you as a client and to avoid any fines or implications on your business.


What Is Your Level of Experience?

Welding processes are very diverse and it can be hard to source the required skill for your project. Ask the contractor to see their recent projects and portfolio of similar jobs they have completed. You need to make sure that you analyse your project’s requirements with the welding expert to establish their level of expertise.

You do not need to waste time and spend more money on repairs, new suppliers, and polishing if the work is done right. All you need is to work with competent welders who can do the job correctly. Some welders are specialised in some areas but not others.


What Type of Equipment Do You Have?

The best welding companies will invest in the latest machinery and equipment to guarantee their clients’ outstanding results. Not only does this ensure that the project will be successful, but proper tools and modern equipment will also reduce the amount of time your project will take, which saves you money.


Do You Have Insurance?

You should NEVER deal with any company that works on a metal project without proper insurance for its staff and projects. We all know how heavy and risky it is to deal with steel and other metals. If anything goes wrong, including falling or failing, it could hurt someone or damage property, in which case you could be liable for any injuries or damages related to your project if the company does not have the required insurance in place.

It is always better to see proof that the welding company you are hiring has valid and relevant insurance for your project, including general liability coverage.


Do You Guarantee Your Work?

A simple question can relieve you: what happens if the welder fixes something and it does not hold or break within a given period? Reliable welding companies will guarantee their work because they are confident in their skills. This also challenges the welders to do the job right in the first attempt to minimise their losses.

Not choosing a welding contractor wisely can cost you time, money, and peace of mind. Do not simply try and find the cheapest welding company available in Australia to take on your project. To increase your chances of satisfactory and smooth work, find a reliable company to work with.

Nothing beats the flexibility and reliability of a local manufacturer. Peace of mind is guaranteed with our superior responsiveness and ease of communication. Our quality products can be manufactured and delivered quickly. Being local allows our customers to inspect the products during the manufacturing process, without the cost of international flights and the loss of time due to travelling.


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