UNSW Industrial Design students tour Ogis facilities.

Ogis Engineering was pleased to welcome 60 first year Industrial Design students from UNSW on a factory tour.

At Ogis we believe it is our corporate responsibility to assist tertiary students to gain an understanding of the manufacturing process.

Showing students all the processes within a manufacturing facility gives them a clearer understanding and will assist them in their design work.

Our factory tour started with an introduction to our MRP program, here we showed the students how we build up our quotations, from materials, labour, finishes and other important inclusions. We also showed them our printed job sheets with materials and processes. We explained the bar code scanning system that electronically documents all completed work for future analysis and tracking.

The main focus of our tour was to introduce the students to our machinery, the specific features and how they should consider these into their designs.

The tour included the following:

  • Our cutting section with CNC and manual processes performed.
  • Our tube bending area with detailed explanation on the process of mandrel bending. Our new CNC bending and rolling machine produced some sample pieces for them to observe.
  • The CNC rolling machine was also demonstrated.
  • The students were shown the precision plasma cutter and how it is programmed.
  • We gave the students a brief introduction to MIG and TIG welding as well as a demonstration of our robot welding cell.
  • The students were shown the processes of drilling, tapping and tube scalloping.
  • The tour was completed with a visit to our inspection and packing area.

At the conclusion of the tour many students commented that seeing the processes first hand gave them a better understanding of how things are made and as a result will assist them in the design process.

Ogis Engineering was pleased to assist in having the students and tutors visit our facility and we look forward to their next visit.