Powder Coating: Cost Effective Finish for Production Items

One of the most commonly used finishes on fabricated metal products is power coating, which acts as both a protective coating and decorative finish.
A critical final step during metal fabrication at Ogis Engineering is to provide the optimal surface finish that suits the application of the project.

With plenty of finishing options on metal products, Ogis Engineering provides professional assistance to help clients decide what is the best surface finish for their projects.

We take pride in superior results provided to all our clients across Australia in different industries, including mining, defence, transport , architectural, furniture and others.

The preparation of the material is critical to achieving a quality and durable finish. We pre-treat surfaces to ensure optimal surface bonding either chemically or mechanically by sand blasting the surface.

All finished products provided by Ogis Engineering are carefully packaged for maximum protection during transport. We have a saying at Ogis “if you don’t pack correctly and protect the finished items then don’t bother finishing them in the first instance”.

What is power coating and how is it applied?

This type of coating is applied electrostatically as a dry powder. It then undergoes curing in an oven to heat the dry powder, which then allows it to flow to become a solid film. Being VOC-free, it is also less hazardous that other types of coatings.

Which metals can get powder coatings?

This finish best suits metal substrates such as aluminium, stainless steel or steel. For this coating to work, cleaning of the substrate is essential.

Do I need to worry about the environment?

Powder coating is environment-friendly as they are VOC-free. They produce virtually no waste, since we can recycle any reclaim generated during the application process, which is great for ‘green-rated’ projects. The absence of solvents also means less mass & weight, so less manufacturing and transportation energy is required.

What are the other advantages of powder coating?

With recent advances, powder coatings can be produced in almost any color, even bright metallic finishes.

Powder coatings offer superior hardness and durability, which is why it can be used in mass production of metal products, such as outdoor furniture and in architectural areas.

If you would like to discuss your metal fabrication needs for a project, contact Ogis Engineering today.