Ogis Designs an Innovative ‘Curving’ Gate

As part of our commitment to the design and manufacture of custom metal projects as required by our clients, we put our innovation, skill and technical capability to design and have manufactured a new curving gate for one of our latest projects.

The scenario
The client needed a sliding gate designed and manufactured to suit specific requirements, however the space did not suffice for a straight fixed frame gate. We had to think outside the box to come up with a custom metal solution to fit the client’s requirements as well as deliver a quality custom gate solution.

The solution
Our experienced team worked with the client to understand the requirements then worked on designing and manufacturing a custom gate made from vertical hinged panels. These panels curve around the corner to accommodate narrow frontages or large openings, without having to worry about the space limitation and certainly without compromising quality. Our gates are also convenient and user-friendly, as they include automation allowing clients to use their mobile phones to open the gate.

The client
The client was extremely satisfied with the custom metal project designed and manufactured by Ogis Engineering. We have also seen several clients requesting this solution, and we are working on delivering similar solutions, where the number and size of panels will vary according to each site. As a rule, the tighter the radius of the curved track, the more individual panels will be required. We manufacture our projects in a range of materials as required and this gate can also be made from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We can also provide custom integrations between the gate and the garage door to operate using a single remote with several opening options.

If you are looking for a custom metal project, please contact Ogis for more information. No project is too small or too big for us and we would be happy to visit your site and advise on options for your situation.