What are the Benefits of Metal Finishing?

As a leading metal fabricator, Ogis Engineering understands the value that quality surface finishes bring to the success of a project. Metal finishing alters the surface of metal to improve its resistance to corrosion, rust and wear caused by air pollutants, chemicals and normal wear. This increases the lifespan of the products, which is why we take pride in superior results and pre-treat surfaces to ensure optimal surface bonds, through various processes of deposition, application or treatment of a metallic coating onto a product in order to enhance its appearance, function or performance.

So, what are the benefits?

Enhanced Aesthetics

There are various techniques used to accomplish metal & steel finishing and polishing, depending on the type of the metal, the application and other factors. One of the most important benefits of metal finishing is improving its overall appearance.

Metal finishing involved different processed, including removal of any sharp edges, cleaning the surface and then smoothing it. Different textures can also be provided as well as other decorative options including glass beading, metal polishing, colour application and custom metal plating.

At Ogis Engineering, metal finishing is done using advanced techniques to ensure we’re providing our customers and clients with the highest quality products.

Optimise Resistance

The lifespan of a finished product is much longer than an unfinished metal. Metal finishing improve longevity by increase the resistance to wear, which is a major factor in metal disintegration, not allowing it to be able to stand the test of time.

A finished flawless metal is also more resistant to abrasion, chemical damage and other deteriorating factors. This is because the metal finishing coating system offers a low coefficient of friction with great abrasion resistance and durability towards corrosion, chemical and tarnish wear. This ensure the final product will last for the maximum possible time.

Easy Cleaning

An unfinished metal is rough by default. By polishing the metal as part of the finishing process, adhesion and contamination are reduced. In addition, the finish significantly reduces the amount of time required to clean it and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals that could be used to achieve a clean surface. These chemicals, if used, can increase the rate of the metal wear.

Which metal finishes does Ogis Engineering provide?
We’ve got a range of quality finishes, including stainless steel finishes: 2B finish, no 4 finish, no 8 finish, electropolish & bead blasting. Other finishes are also available, powder coating, wet painting, annodising, electroplating & hot dipped galvanising.

All materials are then carefully packaged for maximum protection during transport and we supply finished products assembled or in components, according to the customers’ needs. If you need to discuss your custom manufacturing project with a specialist, contact Ogis Engineering today.