Powder Coating vs. Wet Paint and Plating

When it comes to choosing the best finishing techniques for metal products, the choice becomes hard, and must be decided on a case-by-case basis according to many factors. Ogis knows it all and understands all the principles, processes, and benefits or drawbacks of every finish, as we have been manufacturing metal products for over 50 years.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a metal finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to a surface as a free-floating, dry powder (which can be made of various products) before heat is used to finalize the coating. The result is a thick, hard finish that is tougher than conventional paints. Powder coating can be found on a range of production items, from household appliances to automobile parts.

Powder Coating Benefits

  • A thick, dense finish on metal products can be achieved, which provides better durability than conventional painting
  • Being a one-coat finish, the process is relatively quick and easy
  • Ability to include multiple custom finishing colours and textures
  • Environmentally safe metal finishing process, producing little volatile organic compounds
  • The most even finished surfaces, ensuring no drips or application traces are left.

Powder Coating Drawbacks

  • Thinner finishes cannot be achieved
  • Can be somehow expensive or complex for small sheet metal jobs

Wet Paint and Plating

Wet paint is the traditional yet advanced metal finishing process, involving applying a liquid paint to a metal product for finishing, using either a spray, pump, or pressurized vessel. Plating is the process by which metal is deposited on a conductive surface.

Wet Paint and Plating Benefits

Wet paint and plating are the finishes of choice when powder coating cannot be used.

  • For products which cannot be heated for powder coating
  • Can produce a much thinner finish than powder coating
  • Can produce a wider range of colours than powder coating
  • More economic, more suitable for smaller jobs

Wet Paint and Plating Drawbacks

  • Less durable finish, requiring maintenance
  • Multiple coats cannot guarantee the perfect finish

What is the Best Metal Finish?

This will depend on your application and the expertise of your metal manufacturer, to provide you with the best option and the right decision. Ultimately, you will want to consult Ogis Engineering who can help you consider all of the possibilities with special detail to the needs of your project.