Ogis manufactures the award winning SIA Chair by Tom Fereday for NAU

The Sia Chair

Ogis prototyped and manufactured many Australian Design icons over the years. The SIA Chair by NAU is no exception. This award winning design from NAU and Tom Fereday is superbly designed and functional. Our expert craftsmen ensured that every weld and bend were as perfect as the designer had envisioned without compromising on budget or time constraints.

Whilst minimalist in style, the design requires skill and experience to manufacture. This is why Ogis was chosen for this project and continues to be the best choice for designers and architects in Australia and abroad. From complete project management and complex installations to large-scale production runs and unique prototypes Ogis has the capacity and skills for any project.

SIA chair by Tom Fereday for NAU

From RRP $950 inc GST

Available from Cult.

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