Ogis Leads the Steel Bending & Rolling Industry

With the highest standards of precision and accuracy at Ogis Engineering, we have been able to provide the highest quality metal fabrication, reinforced with our internationally-recognised ISO 9001-2015 DNV Accreditation.

Our compliance with our customers’ project specifications is ensured with our thorough Inspection Test Plan (ITP) documentation, multiple sign-off requirements and bar code scanning at every stage of manufacturing. Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP) also ensures we remain at the forefront of efficient and lean manufacturing processes, being equipped with the latest and highly efficient machines & software available globally.

Ogis Engineering’s fabrication services include press work, punching, guillotining, drilling, tapping, bending, flaring and an extensive range of machinery for manipulating tube, sheet and plate components as required.

Our services include CNC mandrel tube and pipe bending, providing crease free bends for tube and pipe from 6mm (1/4”) diameter to 88.9mm (3 1/2”) diameter, for industrial & commercial use.

In addition to bending metal for various applications, Ogis can bring any design to life, thanks to our long years of expertise and the knowledgeable, creative and experienced people within our team. We pride ourselves on delivering our products to the biggest clients in the country, serving projects on any scale, no job is too small nor big for us. We provide metal bending for any application and have worked with different sectors across Australia including defence, mining, architectural, infrastructure, transport and the manufacturing industry.

We provide cost-effective custom-designed solutions, through a team that has more than 50 years of experience in the art and science of bending metal, using the latest technology and equipment and following the latest trends and industry practices.

Our CNC machinery allows for circle rolling, coils, ovals, and arcs, providing metal rolling services to Australia for more than 50 years. Our qualified and experienced tradesmen can roll a variety of shapes, with a heavy-duty plate rolling available where required.

Our various steel fabrication services and projects are all completed by Australian hands and believe in a solutions-oriented approach. We work with customers of all shapes and sizes in various industries, we are happy to cater for it and provide a strict level of attention to detail.

If you would like to talk to our metal fabrication specialists to discuss a project, contact Ogis Engineering now.