Ogis Introduces Plasma Profiling to its Fabrication Capacity

For more than 50 years, Ogis has been the preferred supplier to various industries in Australia, being proud partners with clients in diverse sectors including transport, defence, mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, design and architecture.

From pipe bending and rolling to custom metal fabrication, we have a proven track record, manufacturing custom-made single items as well as large-scale production runs.

One of the areas where Ogis is highly specialised is CNC mandrel tube and pipe bending, with the capability to perform metal bending from as little as 6mm (1/4 inch) diameter up to 88.9 (3 ½ inch) diameter. As we always strive to offer our clients the latest technology, Plasma Profiling has been a great addition to our fabrication capacity.

Ogis provides sheet metal and plate cutting for both large and low volume batches. This allows us to deliver projects to be used for the development of prototype parts, architectural metalwork, batch production parts, brackets and supports, flanges, discs and plates, vehicle part componentry and many other projects.

Our high-precision machinery uses the latest technology, being powerful and efficient with a simple-to-use and freely programmable controller that allow us to deliver fully customizable projects as required by our clients. We can promise virtually no-limit bending freedom with leading designs that provides maximum level of flexibility to suit the application of each project we deliver to satisfy the most exacting of demands.

Our guarantee is to offer a seamless CNC mandrel bending process through a highly specialised process by a qualified team that has many years of expertise in producing tight radius bends without wrinkles or deformation and has a great finish through the bend.

Our aim is to provide greater capacity for any large-scale project and shorter delivery times, to provide any complex scope with the highest accuracy.

Our CNC Mandrel Bending services can work on mild steel, aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel.

We can bend all sorts of tubes by implementing different technologies according to the application.

We know how to get over any material’s imperfections or variations that can affect bend quality to provide consistent quality, accuracy and repeatability through our years of expertise in different industries as well as the incorporation of advanced machinery.

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