Ogis helps rescue a trapped miner in Indonesia.

Here is a good news story.

On the evening of the 11th of February at 8:30pm, I received a call from a machine supplier asking if we could cut some pipe as a matter of urgency, as it was required to rescue a miner trapped in a mine in Indonesia.

His client needed some 650mm diameter pipe that was 12 metres in length cut into four pieces.
There were 7 lengths in total and it weighed about 12 tonnes.
As we were unable to do this job ourselves, I made several phone calls to some of my suppliers and customers and managed to find someone that could do the job that night.
Once complete the pipe was flown to Indonesia on a chartered cargo plane and then welded into one length. It was inserted into a hole and used to rescue a gold miner Pak Mursalim who had been trapped underground for 8 days.

I know, I only made a few phones calls but it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I had something to do with helping a trapped miner on the other side of the globe.

Kevin Adler.

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