Ogis Engineering: Metal Fabrication to Support Australian Industry.

For more than 50 years, Ogis Engineering has been proudly supporting Australian industry, partnering with a wide range of companies, in varied sectors including Transport, Defence, Architectural, Mining, Infrastructure and the manufacturing industry. We provide both custom-made items as well as large-scale production runs of unrivalled quality.

Our reputation in the field of quality metal fabrication means we go above and beyond to deliver absolute quality, precision and outstanding customer service to our clients. Our presence in the market allowed us to serve various sectors that require custom and large-scale fabricated metal products to be manufactured and installed if required. Our customer base includes large manufacturers, government departments and medium to small SME’s.

At Ogis Engineering, we understand there are no shortcuts to quality, and we conduct regular surveys of our customers to receive their valuable feedback in order to keep improving our metal fabrication services. As well as exceptional customer service, we are proud to be known as market leaders in the metal fabrication field, providing exceptional quality and on time delivery.

The beauty of dealing with Ogis Engineering is our ability to bring any design to life, thanks to our complete set of specialist tooling and machinery, we are able to deliver an extensive range of solutions. Our company’s substantial welding facilities can manufacture complete components including anything your design team can create. Have a look at our extensive gallery page on our website for examples of the special items we have manufactured. All of our products are delivered with the appropriate finishes to make sure they are as durable as we promise they would be, and our items are well packed for maximum protection.

We are backed by ISO 9001:2015 DNV accreditation. We specialise in the manufacture of handrails for passenger trains, trams and buses. As well as welded pipe assemblies for locomotives, ladders, pit safety barriers, machined components, threaded pipes, radiator welded pipe assemblies and powder coated items as required.

Our professional staff and metal fabrication specialists will assist you through the full manufacturing process. We will provide support in product design, drafting, material and finish selections for proven longevity, as well as prototype manufacture backed by our extensive experience in the industry.