Ogis Leads Metal Manufacturing for Australian Transport

Train metal components
Train components

With over 50 years of experience in the metal manufacturing industry, Ogis Engineering has been committed to providing the highest quality and standards of

precision & accuracy to the different industries across Australia, including transport, defence, mining, infrastructure and many other industries requiring custom metal manufacturing complying with exact project specifications.

Ogis Engineering has been accredited with the internationally-recognised ISO 9001-2008, ensuring the projects handled by the team at Ogis are in expert hands, with thousands of successful projects completed since 1963.

Metal Quality You Can Trust

Train metal Hand rail clamp end
Hand rail clamp end

Ogis Engineering believes there is no shortcut to quality, especially when it comes to manufacturing metal products for heavy duty industries like transport and this is how we have built a solid reputation across Australia, becoming a specialist supplier since 2000 to the Australian transport industry.

Our advanced metal fabrication machinery has allowed us to successfully manufacture thousands of quality products as demanded. Having a huge portfolio of manufactured metal products for the transport industry, we have been providing quality grab rails and customised components for the Australian transport industry, this included special components for trains, trams, locomotives, ships, aircraft and defence vehicles.

Our Promise: Unsurpassed Precision

Metal welded pipe assembly
Welded pipe assembly

We are proud that our focus on precision & quality has always met or exceeded our clients’ expectations, this is because we heavily invest in our team and new technology to stay ahead of the market, always delivering projects that ensure ongoing customers’ satisfaction.

We continue our commitment to manufacturing all the custom manufactured metal solutions to the transport and other industries. With a portfolio of projects across Australia, the Ogis Engineering team has manufactured several metal train components: internal handrails, mirror polished stainless-steel handrails, disabled toilet grab rails, drivers cab handrails, various brackets and components, stainless steel conduits and cast connectors.

Train internal hand rails
Internal hand rails

We have also provided trams, buses and locomotives with specific metal requirements, including structural front-end crash bars, external grab rails in stainless steel and mild steel powder coated  radiator cab welded pipe assemblies & fittings plus fuel lines, ladders, air lines, hydraulic bent pipes and more.

We will proudly keep supporting all metal manufacturing demands in the Australian market, we will continue to provide nothing but the best for all metal solutions backed with our long years of expertise.