Major Safety Concerns in the Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabricators might be engaged in high-risk activities while performing their day-to-day duties, including welding and custom metal engineering. As a leading metal fabricator in Sydney, we take full responsibility for our employees’ safety in our Rosebery-based metal fabrication facility, as we engage professionals to analyse any potential hazards and address them accordingly as well as ensure that the employees get adequate training in order to stay as safe as possible.

At Ogis Engineering, we have identified the major safety concerns in the industry as below.

Lack of Protection

Any metal fabrication company should work on minimising health hazards as much as possible, which includes installing functional guards and providing required personal protective equipment to all employees.
Ogis Engineering invests in removing and mitigating any potential hazards and provide protection against hazards that cannot be eliminated, as we value the safety and lives of our staff. From the initial investment in guards and PPE to regular inspections and maintenance by dedicated safety professionals.

Lack of Training

If training is not consistent, it’s considered suboptimal. Unfortunately, many metal fabrication companies do not provide staff with ongoing training, which is definitely insufficient as this could potentially fail to achieve good outcomes, since it doesn’t raise the common dangers within the fabrication industry as often as it could. Employees may forget how dangerous the work can be if training and safety precautions are not followed.

Training employees educates them to comply with the best safety practices, as it reminds them of the potential hazards and as a result they wear their safety gloves, glasses, hearing protection, welding helmets and any other safety equipment required to produce products safely.  

Compromised Safety Culture

A good safety culture can only be enforced when everyone involved is doing their part, from those on site to upper management – as this requires a strong leader that values safety and becomes the role model for other employees to follow and participate in safety initiatives and allow them to point out any unsafe behaviour or concerns.

Awareness and State of Mind

Human factors are a big part of the factors affecting safety in a metal fabrication company, so all employees are not rushed, frustrated or fatigued while working and are encouraged to avoid taking shortcuts in order to complete their work, this reduces the chances of injury.

In addition to proper training, we regularly explain the concept of human factors to the team at Ogis, which allows workers to address issues like rushing or frustration that may lead to injuries.

Metal fabrication and manufacturing is considered a high-risk industry from a safety perspective, which requires companies to develop elevated standards of safety in order to support employees.

If you would like to work with a metal fabrication company that values safety and can deliver quality metalwork, contact the team at Ogis Engineering today.