How to Avoid Common Problems in Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is a technique-sensitive industry, and problems within steel fabrication can be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes almost impossible to fix, therefore being very meticulous and cautious during its fabrication, and certain steps should be followed to avoid any issues with the delivered product.

as this would dictate specific steps to be followed during the fabrication process. Precision workmanship is also mandatory, as the ultimate goal of any fabrication job should be to get it right the first time, therefore proper planning and design are essential to decrease the likelihood of any problems arising.


Let’s look at some of the common problems that occur during steel fabrication:

  1. External damage

Including scratches and gouges on the surface of the steel, which is a big concern as this would definitely lead to future corrosion or tarnish. This is also a problem if aesthetics of the final product is of concern.  Other surface contaminants include embedded iron and loose iron particles, residual adhesives from protective plastics, oil, grease, paint, grinding dust, weld spatter and others.

It’s therefore important to pay special attention to the design & welding of the product, as well as final packaging prior to delivery. At Ogis, this is avoided through our team of designers, engineers, fabrication supervisors and welders.

  1. Communication problems

Like any other project, it’s always a team effort. As discussed in our previous article about bridging the gap between different stakeholders, as every person in every department involved in the production process should be communicating and interacting with one another to ensure all controls are in place, having one aim, to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product that meets the client’s requirements & expectations.


  1. Suboptimal machinery

Quality workmanship without quality machinery & equipment will never deliver a quality metal product. Any machinery that is not firmly in place, or its blades are not sharp enough, or other problems that makes handling of the products less than perfect will deliver a product that is not built to last, which is never accepted at Ogis Engineering. We implement the latest advances in technology and adopt sophisticated computer-controlled machinery as we believe this is essential to become the steel fabrication company that clients have trusted for over 50 years.


At Ogis Engineering, we ensure that any project, no matter small or large, is worked on to deliver the best possible product. You will always work with a company that has extensive industry experience and an established reputation & accreditation for quality and precision workmanship, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing. For more information on how Ogis Engineering can meet your industry needs, contact us today.