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All Terrain Wheelchair manufactured by Ogis for Innovative Care.

All Terrain Wheelchair manufactured by Ogis for Innovative Care.

Ogis has chosen to place this information on our website to show how Australian innovation and manufacturing continue to work well together.

In this case we are producing a wonderful product that will help both the disabled and their carers access to areas that were once difficult to reach.

Our extensive experience in tube bending and welding were well suited to manufacturing this product as required.

Below is some information about this product and if you know of anyone or any organisation that may require one, please get in touch with Achievable Concepts or the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc.


Innovative Care Solutions has been designing and manufacturing beach and all-terrain wheelchairs for over a decade. Our revolutionary new design is set to change the industry standard.

Designed in cooperation with Australia’s world leading Disabled Surfers’ Association, the “Surf and Turf” has been built with both user and carer in mind.

Featuring unseen adjustability, strength and stability the chair seeks to provide experiences for users, carers, family and friends that were previously not possible. The high strength, low weight, modular design allows for greater flexibility to accessorise, upgrade or repair without complex tooling or returning the chair to the manufacturer.

Main features.    

  • Tilt in space.
  • Backrest adjustable from vertical to flat.
  • Leg rest adjustable from vertical to flat.
  • Tool free adjustment.
  • 4 equally sized wheels for maximum stability, superior ride, lower rolling resistance.
  • Interchangeable wheels. The right wheel for the right terrain.(Beach, Urban, and Bush)
  • Easy to use Brakes
  • Lockable steering
  • Corrosion resistant materials.
  • Modular design for easy customisation.

Chairs will be sold through  Achievable Concepts and the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc.